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“Excellence, Integrity, and Service Before Self are the core values of the Air Force. Core values that stayed with me after service was complete. I strive to apply those very same core values in all that I do as a daughter, mother, and businesswoman. My number one goal with every interaction with my client is to exceed their expectations in with Excellence, Integrity, and Service.”
- Dyniecia Barnes


As a Professional Master Cosmetologist, Dyniecia helps women live their best life by making them look as beautiful on the outside as they feel on the inside.


As a Consultant and Professional Services Provider, Dyniecia helps women in her local community fulfil their dream of starting and growing a successful business.


Dyniecia Barnes empowers business owners by teaching them advanced technology and salon techniques that bridge the gap between beauty and business. 

Veteran, Mother, Entrepreneur, Educator

There's a lot I can say about myself. I've lived a pretty eventful life. Graduated performance arts major turned soldier with the United States Air Force as a Computer Systems Specialist, turned Founder & Entrepreneur of two companies. By day of a Hair Restoration hero for clients of Health In Hair & Wellness Hair Loss Center where I serve women suffering with hair loss seeking a safe and natural solution for hair growth. I moonlight as a Consultant and Professional Services provider for small business owners seeking help with their tech stuff. In my downtime I dabble in music as a singer, songwriter, and rapper. 
Sounds Bonkers doesn't it?

I believe wholeheartedly you only get one life, a few chances to escape death, and every day I wake up is an opportunity
to do better than I did the day before. Every day is another chance to take a few more steps towards achieving my goals. Life should never be too serious do the things you love just because you love doing it. Lastly, stay open to new things. Oh, and always give fear the finger🖕🏽 


Health In Hair & Wellness Hair Loss Center

The Health In Hair & Wellness Hair Loss Center was launched in 2019 from Salon JOIERE in an effort to stop the progression of hair loss amongst women and an alarming number of young girls. Some as young as 9 years old. There is a lot of information about the types of hair loss, but very little information was available about how to stop it or prevent it from ever happening. As a Master Cosmetologist I thought it was my responsibility to learn as much as I could about hair loss so that I could better serve my clients. Today, I educate my clients one-on-one from behind the chair and through my Holistic Hair Restoration Blueprint Program where I work with women suffering with hair to restore their hair naturally and holistically. 


Dyniecia Barnes Consulting 

All while serving in the Air Force as a Computer Systems Specialist, I knew I wanted to open a salon. To supplement my income, I braided hair in the evenings and on weekends. I strongly believe my background in technology played a significant role in my success as a Salon Owner. 

During my time in the service, I received a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Project Management. When I launched Salon JOIERE in 2015, I used the tools I had used in the military to serve my country to serve me in my business. My clients who were also business owners often asked who had I hired to set up my online system. They were floored to learn that I had done all of it. It wasn't long before they began to hire me to start their businesses and set up their online systems. In addition to setting their businesses up for success, I would teach them how to update and maintain those systems for themselves. In 2019 I launched Dyniecia Barnes Consulting & Professional Services.

Health In Hair & Wellness Hair Loss Center
Holistic Hair Restoration Blueprint
Dyniecia Barnes Consulting & Professional Services
DB University

Is to EXCEED your EXPECTATION in ALL that I do.

What clients have to say...

Google Reviews for Health In Hair & Wellness Hair Loss Center

“On Time & Very Friendly Experience...”

“Awesome, on time & very friendly experience. Service caters to one client at a time. You will never feel rushed. So glad I found CJ. The best hair care and service I have ever experienced! CJ’s knowledge about hair care and general wellness is beyond exceptional.”  - JD Hicks
Health In Hair & Wellness, Google

Google Reviews for Dyniecia Barnes Consulting & Professional Services

“Made all the Difference...”

“Working with Dyniecia made the all the difference from beginning to end as we built my website. With a strong technical background, her patience and skillset afforded us to be able to dive right in, and I learned alongside her. Dyniecia differentiates professionally on all levels, and the reward of continuing your education, staying in compliance, and remaining up to date is key in this ever shifting society.”  - Jamilla Webb
Dyniecia Barnes Consulting, Google

DB University Course Review

“Full of Information...”

“If you are wondering what to do for a successful business. This course is full of information. And I love that there is more to come. Thanks for the playbook❣️ Love it”  - Tamela McNiel
Business Business Playbook
Online Course, DB University


You have a gift and it’s your duty to share it with the world!”

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